• 16 Feb 2018 - Looking back at the last few months - I want talk a bit about what has been going on for the last few months and where I’m thinking of taking it next. This will mostly be a mix of musings about the future and what the americans call “inside baseball”. Read more
  • 13 Feb 2018 - Extraterm v0.30.0 released - This release is focused on big improvement to how the show and from commands do their work. Now it is possible to use show and from to move and operate on large files. These files are kept on disk in encrypted form as long as Extraterm is running and the files are still present in a terminal tab. show also supports showing binary files as downloads. Read more
  • 06 Oct 2017 - Extraterm v0.29.2 released - This bug fix release fixes a bad problem where Extraterm won’t start up if its configuration directory doesn’t exist. Read more
  • 01 Oct 2017 - Extraterm v0.29.1 released - This minor release fixes a recently introduced bug which broke the from command Read more
  • 26 Sep 2017 - Extraterm v0.29.0 released - This release focuses on eliminating UI and text alignment glitches, and adds UI scaling. Read more
  • 10 Sep 2017 - Extraterm v0.28.0 released - Version 0.28.0 fixes a bunch of annoying bugs. Read more
  • 25 Aug 2017 - Inject Shell Integration Command and Extensions - Some info about the new “Inject Bash/Fish/Zsh Shell Integration” commands, extensions/plugins and current work. Read more
  • 25 Aug 2017 - Extraterm v0.27.0 released - Version 0.27.0 adds an experimental feature called “Inject Shell Integration” which can set up the Extraterm shell integration by injecting it directly into the current shell. Read more
  • 23 Jul 2017 - Extraterm v0.26.0 released - Version 0.26.0 features a new logo for the project and many bug fixes. Read more