Extraterm v0.29.0 released

This release focuses on eliminating UI and text alignment glitches, and adds UI scaling.

Download it from Github


  • Option in the Settings tab to scale the size of UI.
  • Show an icon in the frame of Tips.


  • Disable Blink’s DPI dependent UI scaling and do it manually. Fixes numerous layout glitches.
  • Write application logs to $SETTING_DIR/extraterm/extraterm.log
  • Make ‘atomic-dark’ the default UI theme.
  • Added a close pane button to the Pane Menu.


  • Fix a focus bug when opening a new terminal tab using the shortcut. issue 60
  • Tweaked the position and alignment of UI elements.
  • Fixed the Zsh integration script and made it work with zsh’s prompt system. issue 61