Extraterm Qt v0.64.0 released


  • “Insert Emoji” extension is back 🎉
  • “Autocomplete” extension is back 🎉
  • New terminals try to open in the same current directory (again)

Bug fixes

  • Improved performance and eliminated Windows “slow down” bug. (Fixed in Qode which we depend on)
  • On Linux, the “super” key is now treated correctly when recording keys. issue 379. (Thanks ashb!)
  • Fix for the extension enable/disable button not updating in the Settings
  • Fix for the terminal size being slightly wrong


  • Command palette height changes to match the number of items
  • Font size inc/dec commands gained icons
  • “Clear scrollback”, “Command Palette”, and “Reset VT” were removed from the context menu
  • “Command Palette” is now available on the window hamburger menu

Download it from Github