The swiss army chainsaw of terminal emulators

Extraterm is more than just a terminal emulator. It provides a toolbox for working with your terminal and command line applications.

Directly edit and execute command output


  • Supports Linux, macOS and Cygwin on Windows
  • xterm compatible
  • Show images in the terminal
  • Shell integration; can isolate and ‘frame’ command output. (bash, zsh and fish supported)
  • Easy uploads and downloads using the shell integration
  • Multiple tabs and panes, split and tiled any way you like
  • Keyboard based selection
  • Command output is editable in place. Multi-cursor editing
  • Previous command output can be used as input for new commands
  • Keyboard friendly “command palette” for searching menus
  • Text zoom
  • Unicode support
  • Color emoji
  • Open source MIT license
  • …much more to come

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  • 26 Feb 2018 - Extraterm v0.31.0 released - A bug fix and minor feature release. Read more
  • 23 Feb 2018 - Looking Forward - In my last post I talked about what happened in the last quarter of a year of development. Now it is time to pause for a moment and take a broader view of where the project is and which features and functionality we might want to add next. Read more
  • 16 Feb 2018 - Looking back at the last few months - I want talk a bit about what has been going on for the last few months and where I’m thinking of taking it next. This will mostly be a mix of musings about the future and what the americans call “inside baseball”. Read more
  • 13 Feb 2018 - Extraterm v0.30.0 released - This release is focused on big improvement to how the show and from commands do their work. Now it is possible to use show and from to move and operate on large files. These files are kept on disk in encrypted form as long as Extraterm is running and the files are still present in a terminal tab. show also supports showing binary files as downloads. Read more
  • 06 Oct 2017 - Extraterm v0.29.2 released - This bug fix release fixes a bad problem where Extraterm won’t start up if its configuration directory doesn’t exist. Read more

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Development and Contributing

Extraterm is an Open Source project developed in the open at GitHub https://github.com/sedwards2009/extraterm. The primary developer is Simon Edwards. Bugs, issues and wishes can be submitted via the GitHub issues. The Development Roadmap is tracked in this issue on GitHub.

Extraterm logos were designed and provided by Gabriel Harel.