The swiss army chainsaw of terminal emulators

Extraterm is more than just a terminal emulator. It provides a toolbox for working with your terminal and command line applications.


  • Supports Linux and macOS, and on Windows WSL, CMD, and PowerShell
  • Images in terminal
  • 24 bit color
  • Color emoji on all platforms
  • Font ligatures
  • Keyboard friendly “Command Palette”
  • Text zoom
  • Configurable key bindings
  • Global shortcuts
  • Unicode support
  • Search
  • Shell integration; can isolate and ‘frame’ command output. (bash, zsh and fish supported)
  • Easy uploads and downloads using the shell integration
  • Previous command output can be used as input for new commands
  • Supports iTerm2 themes
  • Open source MIT license
  • …much more to come

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  • 05 May 2023 - Extraterm Qt v0.71.1 released - Bug Fixes Read more
  • 12 Mar 2023 - Extraterm Qt v0.71.0 released - This release is a mixed bag of smaller features and fixes. Read more
  • 05 Feb 2023 - Extraterm Qt v0.70.0 released - Version 0.70 upgrades the underlying Qt version from 5 to 6. Support for global shortcuts has been restored too. Qt 6 might introduce some sizing and rendering glitches, especially when different monitor DPIs are involved. Please report any instances of this happening. Read more
  • 27 Dec 2022 - Extraterm Qt v0.69.0 released - The new Colorizer extension has been added. This is a completely new extension which can automatically highlight certain words in the terminal output. For example, “Warning” and “Error”. It is configurable and supports regular expressions so you can detect and highlight things like dates and IP addresses if you want to. Read more
  • 25 Nov 2022 - Extraterm Qt v0.68.0 released - Find functionality has been added. It is fast and highlights occurences by default. Read more

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Development and Contributing

Extraterm is an Open Source project developed in the open at GitHub https://github.com/sedwards2009/extraterm. The primary developer is Simon Edwards. Bugs, issues and wishes can be submitted via the GitHub issues. The Development Roadmap is tracked in this issue on GitHub.

Extraterm logos were designed and provided by Gabriel Harel.