Extraterm Qt v0.70.0 released

Version 0.70 upgrades the underlying Qt version from 5 to 6. Support for global shortcuts has been restored too. Qt 6 might introduce some sizing and rendering glitches, especially when different monitor DPIs are involved. Please report any instances of this happening.


  • Global shortcuts

Bug Fixes

  • Fix “portable mode” and its configuration file. issue #398
  • Make font size increase/descrease keyboard shortcuts work anytime a terminal tab has focus.
  • Shell integration for Fish tries harder to avoid running in non-interactive sessions.
  • Make the launcher exe open a default terminal on macos


  • Upgrade to Qt 6
  • Improved the search and ordering of items inside lists like the Command Palette, auto-completion, etc.
  • The zip build for Windows is back again.

Download it from Github