Extraterm v0.56.0 released

This release adds support for the hyperlink terminal escape sequence. Hyperlinks are now displayed for utilities output them. For example, ls --hyperlink=auto will display the folder contents with links. Clicking on a link and holding the Control key will open the link in the default external application like your web browser or file manager. A couple of link related menu items appear on the context menu too, “Open link” and “Copy link/path”.


  • Support for hyperlink escape sequence. #92

Bug fixes

  • Fix for the window drag area interfering with pop up menus.
  • Fix for the initial session directory not working on Windows. #310
  • Fix the contents of viewer tabs not sizing correctly when the window changes.


  • The icon for “open frame in tab” has changed.
  • New session menu options have been added to the main window ‘burger’ menu.
  • New session menu options have been removed from the context menu.

Download it from Github