Extraterm v0.55.1 released

A bug fix release.


  • Added “Paste from selection clipboard” option to the mouse button configuration on Linux. #195
  • The terminal session extension API now uses less subclassing for editors.
  • Terminals only stay open on exit if the shell returned a non-zero exit code. #274

Bug fixes

  • Fixed many memory leaks. Long running Extraterm instances will now do a much better job of reusing and/or releasing unneeded memory.
  • Fixed bug where ligatures would not be applied or rendered correctly.
  • Prevent a crash in the font listing when many fonts are available. #304 (Special thanks to Matthew Eddey and Clint Priest for their work tracking this down.)
  • Prevent a nasty hang/crash if the a bash shell runs a new bash shell and the integration executed again. #300

Download it from Github