Extraterm v0.32.0 released

A bug fix and feature release.

  • Added a viewer which can play most common audio formats.
  • Added a --text option to the show command as a shortcut for setting the mime type to plain text.
  • Added a better loading screen.
  • Tweaked the UI controls with some simple fade in/out transitions.
  • Permit more fonts from the system to be selectable for the terminal font.
  • Fixed a regression bug which prevented drag and drop of tabs from working.
  • Fixed the clear command ^L (issue #15)
  • Call the previous $PROMP_COMMAND too from the Bash shell integration (issue #73)

There have also been some big improvements on the source code level:

  • npm has been replaced with yarn and its workspaces feature.
  • The extension infrastructure has been improved and extended to support viewers in extensions and custom SASS/CSS.

Download it from Github