Extraterm v0.30.0 released

This release is focused on big improvement to how the show and from commands do their work. Now it is possible to use show and from to move and operate on large files. These files are kept on disk in encrypted form as long as Extraterm is running and the files are still present in a terminal tab. show also supports showing binary files as downloads.

  • Robust large file transfers. issue #67.
  • Add support for dragging files directly from a frame into your file manager / Windows Explorer / Finder.
  • Limiting the size of the scroll-back is now done by raw pixel size, and also by the number of frames. Frames are being directly limited because they are quite heavy on resources.
  • Fixed a bug where the Command Palette would refuse focus. (only saw this problem on Windows)
  • Fixed a bug where cursor mode didn’t work for images. issue #72

Download it from Github