Extraterm v0.28.0 released

Version 0.28.0 fixes a bunch of annoying bugs.

Download it from Github


  • The Extraterm security cookie has been renamed to LC_EXTRATERM_COOKIE to allow it to be forwarded automatically across SSH.
  • The bottom of frames no longer overlap the contents slightly.


  • Fix a bug where the display may appear to quickly bounce after executing a command with no output.
  • Mostly fixed Zsh right-hand-side prompt positioning.
  • Fix copy and paste inside viewer tabs.
  • Fix a problem where the last pixel line may be cut off at the bottom of a terminal tab.
  • Fix the “Inject Fish Shell Integration” command which was completely broken.
  • The “Inject Shell Integration” commands now hide most of the injected code from view.
  • The “Inject Shell Integration” commands can now be safely applied multiple times to the same session.
  • Fix the pulldown in the tips and make it appear again.