Extraterm v0.26.0 released

Version 0.26.0 features a new logo for the project and many bug fixes.

Download it from Github


  • Added the new Extraterm logo. Thanks go to Gabriel Harel.
  • Frames containing text and terminal output now spawn horizontal scrollbars if needed.
  • Make the command palette appear after right mouse button in viewer tabs.
  • Fix calculating the width of the terminal in the presence of fractional widths.
  • Fix glitchy behaviour where text may shift up/down.
  • Fix middle mouse button clipboard paste when done below the terminal area.
  • Fix a bug where the current shell disappears after executing commands with the shell scrolled off screen.
  • Fix a crash when exiting the app via the window close button.
  • Prevent Electron from loading dragged and dropped files into the our windows.
  • Copy mouse selections inside a viewer tab to the clipboard automatically.
  • Make the “type selection” commands work when the cursor is not inside a frame but inside text.
  • Strip out unneeded files from the packages/zips.